On 9 February 2010, I wrote identical letters to my mother and to my gran and sent them each a tin box containing objects and questions that I asked them to respond to. I planned to create a body of work inspired by their answers, continued conversations and further exchanges with them both. My mother sent back copious hand written responses, whereas my gran was silent. I left the project incomplete. When we cleared out gran’s house after her death in January 2013, I found the box of objects to which she had diffidently begun to respond. I had a similar box and wrote my own answers to the questions I had asked them.

Earlier this year, I received a Visual Art and Craft Award from Shetland Arts (part of a Creative Scotland awards scheme) to develop this project with my mother, Margaret Aldington. I will be documenting the journey of our work through this blog.

The work will be exhibited as part of Luminate, Scotland’s creative ageing festival, in October this year.