safe harbour


About the project

linen | silk | digital print

Two prints of the ‘safe harbour’ labyrinth were gifted to Alyson and Andrew Halcrow to mark his embarkation upon a single-handed attempt to sail non stop around the world in his boat, the Elsi Arrub.

Andrew took his print on board with him and placed it on the chart table. Alyson kept hers at home. They could each walk the labyrinth for the time they were apart, knowing the other had the same pattern.
Andrew’s labyrinth is printed on linen, strong and dependable, one of the oldest textiles in the world. It has anti-allergic properties, and is stronger wet than dry. Warm at night and cool in the midday sun, it becomes whiter and gentler with time. Linen is used for protective garments in space. Alyson’s labyrinth was printed on silk, the strongest natural fibre, able to withstand great pressure, but loses strength when wet. Silk is comfortable in the summer and warm in the winter. A luxurious fabric with beautiful draping qualities, used for garments all over the world.

Sadly, Andrew’s attempt at the voyage was unsuccessful as Elsi Arrub lost her mast off the coast of Chile. Andrew was airlifted to safety and ‘safe harbour’.

photograph of Andrew’s departure from Shetland courtesy of ii magazine and copyright Millgaet Media.