portage: anchor points


About the project

curator, bonhoga gallery, 10 march – 22 april 2012

‘What is it about the objects that transport us to other parts of our lives that makes them so evocative and rich in meaning for us? It’s more than the look, feel, smell, sound or taste of the object…it involves the place where the object has lived in our lives, the wider context, both physical and imagined that the object has resided in. The remnants of past experiences that the object still bears the marks of. It’s the nuanced details of the objects and the connections between objects – connections that however tenuous to the onlooker act like a key for us that unlocks a door to another person, place, moment and ultimately a part of ourselves.’

Jayne Wallace

Explorations of personally meaningful objects - anchor points within my personal biography, 2012

As part of my role with Shetland Arts, I curated an exhibition of digital jewellery and interactive craft by Dr.Jayne Wallace. ‘Portage: anchor points’ grew out of the earlier ‘Portage: crossing points’ exhibition and was inspired by the work Jayne created with two Shetland fishing families between 2009 – 2012. The other pieces in the show were selected works made by Jayne between 2004 – 2012. This was her first solo show. ‘Portage: anchor points’ was a research project as part of SiDE (social inclusion through the digital economy).

The exhibition was made possible by Shetland Arts, Culture Lab at Newcastle University, Dundee University and SiDE.

The ‘Portage: anchor points’ exhibition catalogue is available from Blurb

exhibition graphics Jono Sandilands