new build


About the project

workshop, 11 june 2005

A one day workshop at New College, Oxford, with Year 10 students from Cherwell School in response to Richard Woods’ NewBUILD installation at the college. I gave the students a project brief to design a simple living space and then to ‘wrap’ their models in an outer ‘skin’ that described themselves in some way.

Richard Woods’ ambitious NewBUILD installation at New College was created in 2005 and remained in place for several months. This was his first major outdoor work in this country and the project was one of several installations to use ‘red brick’ cladding made of wood to encase buildings, designed to change our perceptions of structure. The building used in New College was the 14th century Long Room and bath-house. The artist employed his trademark block printing system to create a super­sized red brick graphic over the Cotswold stone exterior. The ‘Lego’ effect that this produced stood out in stark contrast to the more traditional medieval architecture that surrounded it, and succeeded in creating debate and dividing opinion.

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