‘…the only truth about labyrinths is that they contain no one truth. Ambiguity, tolerance, acceptance of multiplicity, of many beliefs, of variety and change are ironically the ‘messages’ of a pathway which is not multiple but singular.’

Virginia Westbury

‘Labyrinths: Ancient Paths of Wisdom and Peace’, 2001

About the drawings

Labyrinths have fascinated me for many years, aesthetically and historically. The oldest labyrinth design in the world dates back to around 3000BC and the same basic pattern appears in most continents inscribed into rock faces, on coins, jewellery and metal ware. How this same basic pattern appears all over the ancient world remains a mystery. People have continued to create labyrinths throughout history. Today, many see them as reflections of our journey through life and as being endowed with healing and spiritual properties.

I create labyrinth designs for performances, events, installations and as part of wider projects.